Big 100% Union contract win for UWPM

Big 100% Union contract win for UW Police Management

Four University of Washington Police Department members won their challenge and will split hundreds of dollars in differential pay.

The four Local 1488 members will split $791.67 that upholds their contract rights to maintain a 15 percent pay differential over the officers they supervise.

The WFSE/AFSCME UW Police Management Bargaining Unit and contract covers sergeants and lieutenants on the campus police department.

Their contract specifies they must be paid at least 15 percent more than the officers they supervise.

But officers received double time for working Husky men’s basketball games during the 2016-2017 season. With the officers working double time, the 15 percent pay differential disappeared.

Using the force of their WFSE/AFSCME contract, the sergeants and lieutenants overcame the university’s arguments that the double time for officers was a premium, like overtime.

The settlement upholding the 15 percent differential for WFSE/AFSCME UW Police Management members came Aug. 11.