Big victory for UW painters

Big victory for six UW painters who defended there work and split a $25,000 settlement

Remember the six painters at the University of Washington who defended their work after discovering their work had been assigned to others?

Not only did they use their 100% Union power to win, this month they're splitting a $25,000 settlement.

Besides the cash, the settlement of our unfair labor practice complaint mandates bargaining between the union and the UW to better define -- and clear up confusion about -- work duties for Local 1488 members in their Skilled Trades Bargaining Unit and those in the Campuswide Bargaining Unit.

This is what sticking together -- 100% Union -- looks like!

NOTE: You can see our earlier story on their victory (since expanded to cover six painters) in the June 2017 edition of the WFSE/AFSCME Washington State Employee: