Bargaining Update 6/8/18

WFSE's UW Bargaining Team, consisting of WFSE members from Local 1488 and Local 3488 began negotiations on our 2019-21 contract.

Our bargaining team spent a grueling, but in the end productive, all-day session  on ground rules.  

The major hang up was getting the employer to commit to making a good-faith effort to get team members released for bargaining, including helping to adjust schedules in an effort to avoid bargaining on a scheduled days off, and putting in writing the operational reason for denial of release or schedule changes.  

In the end we reached agreement on ground rules AND was successful in getting management to apply some pressure on a few problematic supervisors making attendance difficult.

We sit down with management again on June 13.  At that time non-economic proposals will be exchanged and discussed. Just a reminder that the economics will be discussed in joint sessions with SEIU 925.

Keep your eyes and ears open for up coming actions to support the team.

  • If you are willing to pass out things like buttons, stickers, or flyers contact a team member, steward, local officer. A contact list will be going out soon so we can all build and show our union power!