Bring Mihret back!

Bring Mihret back! Petition delivered to Haborview Medical Center Center trustees today requesting reinstatement of Mihret Tirfu.

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We, the undersigned, Harborview Medical Center employees and members of the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE), support our union sister Mihret Tirfu, a Hospital Assistant, who was unjustly medically separated after 17 years at Harborview.

Our Union is taking this unjust termination to Arbitration but this legal hearing and decision is still months away.

In the meantime, Mihret is without any income even though she's able to perform HA duties. We urge you to offer Mihret a return to work settlement at the pre-Arbitration Mediation scheduled on May 1.

Harborview Medical Center has a duty to loyal employees who have served this hospital and its patients for years.

Please work with us to investigate the rising number of terminations Harborview issues injured employees-even when these employees are able to perform the majority of their assigned duties.

Our union is investigating these suspect medical separations, including a pattern which appears to disproportionately impact Harborview's most vulnerable workers, most of whom are workers of color.

Bring Mihret Back