UW Bargaining Update 7/31/18

The UW has not met with any unions about wages and pay yet. WFSE’s union bargaining team is working on pay proposals to get raises for everyone.

We are also working on getting increases for groups of workers who are behind the market, and are not getting paid as much as similar employees who work at other governments and private companies.

Our union bargaining team is working on proposals to get targeted raises for workers.

The UW’s three main unions, including WFSE, SEIU 925, and SEIU 1199 will be bargaining for wages and raises together, starting on August 15th. Our union coalition of WFSE, SEIU 925, and SEIU 1199 will negotiate pay proposals from mid-August until September.

Stay tuned for updates on how the UW responds to our pay proposals.

Since the start of June, WFSE’s bargaining team has been negotiating non-pay proposals that do not directly impact workers’ wages, but does affect how much respect employees get at work.

During our meetings with the UW on July 26th, 27th and 31st, we agreed to improve or maintain our contract language on Employee Rights, our Grievance Procedure, Seniority, Layoff, and Rehire, Shared Leave, and Military Leave.

The UW is trying to contract out and privatize our work if having union members perform our jobs could result in overtime. WFSE is staunchly opposed to this and any UW proposals on privatization and contracting out.

The University is trying to eliminate the Trades Apprenticeship Program article in our contract. WFSE is very concerned that this is an attempt by the UW to reduce our voice in creating future apprenticeship programs, or programs that are similar to apprenticeships and impact our Trades members. WFSE is strongly opposed to any efforts by the UW to undermine skilled trades work. We will continue to support keeping the joint union-management committee contract language for apprenticeships included in the collective bargaining agreement.

The University is making objectionable proposals related to the Jurisdictions of WFSE Council Stewards. WFSE will continue to assert our union rights related to Council Stewards.

The UW is trying to change the way that performance evaluations work, where if union members do not get a performance evaluation in a year or more, our work might not be deemed to be automatically satisfactory. Currently, our union contract says that if a union member does not get an annual performance evaluation, the UW’s failure to complete a performance evaluation will mean that we will be considered to have done our jobs satisfactorily for that year.

In negotiating contract language to protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, we are very disappointed that the UW is rejecting our union’s proposals to make it as clear as possible that employee victims will have their choice of being absent from work, seeking reasonable accommodations at work, or both. The University wants to agree to language that they have already negotiated with another union, but WFSE thinks that instances of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking are such important and sensitive topics that there should be as much clarity as possible on the all of the resources and responses available to victims.

Finally, the UW is making objectionable proposals and/or pushing back against proposed union improvements related to overtime, reasonable accommodation, holiday pay, inclement weather, and bereavement leave.

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