UW Bargaining Update 8/2/18

Another tough slog with the employer

While a couple of good things are close being settled they still push back and try to control our stewards — "well if we pay them we think we should have some control came across the table."

Our team is getting very frustrated about some of the hills management seems to want to force us to die on.

We are fighting to give everyone (not just a select few chosen by management) better protection from medical separation. Really, if a place like Fred Meyer or QFC cares more about keeping experienced workers than the UW, how are they the "Employer of Choice"?

We don't think it is a bad thing for a worker fleeing abuse of being stalked to see in the contract what sort of help the employer is required by law to offer.  The UW does!

The UW does not want us to have any clue what is being investigated before we walk in the door with our steward.

As reported last time we have yet to see employers economic proposal.  While we don't know the numbers yet it will include some sort of cost-of-living adjustment for everyone, and then "market or catch up" raises for certain job classes the UW thinks are the most behind.  

Rest assured as soon as it comes out you will get the word!  And likely some calls to action.

The presidents of Locals 3488 and 1488 are even talking about taking a nice healthy walk if need be!  The kind of walk where you take a lot of friends and the walk can sometimes take a lot more than a lunch or break time — if you know what we mean.  That sort of walk takes some planning and that planning is starting.

If Smart Health recommends walks for our health maybe we need to walk for economic health?  In the words our Boston HERE Local 26 sisters and brothers, "One Job Should Be Enough!"

ONSITE Bargaining Updates are scheduled. Stop by for food and in-person updates from our bargaining team members.

  • AUG 8 HUB lawn Main Campus 11am-1pm
  • AUG 9 UW Tower Mezzanine 11am-1pm
  • AUG 10 UWMC lower Rainier Vista (across from front entrance) 11am-1pm

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