UW Bargaining Update 9/13/18

The Employer dropped a huge load of DISRESPECT on all of the members of all the unions!

Their initial proposal was:

  • 1% and 1%
  • NO market raises for ANY WFSE members — a market raise for one small group of SEIU members
  • NO movement on the UPASS
  • MORE ways to take it harder to earn overtime
  • NO float pay
  • NO expanded shift differentials NOTHING AT ALL!!.

Oh and get this!! They proposed that we agree to work with them to lobby the city and county to reduce the cost of UPASS and if any money was saved it would come out of the cost of the pass LATER! In exchange all we had to do was take the 1% 1% and give up EVERYTHING ELSE!!

They did this AFTER our sisters and brothers under the General Government agreed to 3% & 3% AND a 5% locality pay bump for members working in King county — over 10,000 people who ALREADY get an employer paid transit pass! Market raises for another 10,000 members were also agreed to in the General Government contract.

You know it was a stupid idea to present this on the same day as a meeting of the Regents. A large delegation from the teams made the trek to the regents meeting to respectfully inform them that his was NOT going to fly. WFSE said no changes from us until UW comes back with an offer that shows some respect.

Your union teams were so frustrated at this treatment we voted to ask AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE) to move forward with a vote to approve job actions up to and including a strike!

More money talks on the 18th and 19th of September stay tuned!