UW Bargaining Update 9/7/18

Hey everyone the teams thought it was high time we let you know what has been done and what is left to do:  As you know all the raises and special pay and market raises  are on he table and waiting for the boss to respond. 

We have  agreed on the following articles:

  • 6 Grievance procedure Language about group cases improved. 
  • Article 16 Holiday pay agreed to. Clean up language 
  • Article 23 Shared Leave agreed (adding language to match new laws)
  • Article 25 Leave due to Family Care emergencies matching new law.
  • Article 29 Military leave up dated to make sure night shift workers are treated correctly
  • Article 40 Mandatory Subjects cleared up our right to bargain over working conditions and improve tracking

The following MOU's have been agreed to (Memo of Understanding) often used for important things that might not impact all the members OR need to happen at a different time than day one of the agreement.

MOU Vacation Time Off Calendar

Departments that have calendars to keep track of vacations will make those calendars available to employees this includes the supplemental calendar so that you know if someone already got the days you wanted.

MOU Public Records Request and Privacy

The union will continue to be notified when a public information request is made that encompasses bargaining unit members.

MOU- House Bill 2669

The Employer and the Union will meet to make changes to the contract once the rules pertaining to part-time hourly higher education workers (House Bill 2669), are released.

So those are DONE!!  There are some others that no one opened so they are done. We still have a yacht full of open articles including all the pay requests and 15 articles that are not (in our opinion) tied directly to pay. I mean why are they hung up telling everyone what they can ask for if they are victim of domestic violence or stalking for Pete Dennis sake? (just one example).

Monday we are set for what is supposed to be non-economic talks, with money back on the table  Sept. 13, and Sept. 18-19 — when it is all supposed to wrap up.

So  PLEASE help show our power at Sep 12 DAY OF ACTION!

We have events in front of UWMC and Harborview.  So if you want more pay show up.  Bring a coworker member or not it is one little thing most ANYONE can do.  


It's time for UW to make the right choices!

UW needs to:

  • provide a free UPass to employees
  • provide wages that people can actually live off of
  • take action to end institutional racism (words are not enough)

JOIN US Wednesday, Sep. 12

  • 7-8am UWMC, Montlake and Pacific
  • 11am-1pm UWMC, Montlake and Pacific
  • 11am-1pm Harborview, 9th and Jefferson
  • 4-5:30pm UWMC, Montlake and Pacific
  • 4-6pm Harborview, 9th and Jefferson