Victory for Mihret

In October 2017, Mihret Tirfu, a Hospital Assistant at Harborview Medical Center was unjustly medically separated after 17 years at Harborview.

As a union member, her separation was challenged by WFSE and headed to arbitration but the employer settled in mediation after hundreds of signatures demanding Mihret be returned to work were delivered to management.

Mihret won and returns to work, effective 6/4/18.

UW Medical Center, UW Campus, and Harborview Medical Center workers united and collected 100's of signatures to get her job back.

With a union we have voice in the workplace. Mihret and her co-workers united to use that voice to right a wrong.

JOIN US - because we're #StrongerTogether! United we can win a better contract and continue to protect the rights of UW workers.

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Correction 6/9/18. Miret was separated in October 2017. The case was mediated to result.