UW Main Campus Area Reports

University of Washington Main Campus

August 2018

There were six bargaining sessions in August and negotiations. In coalition with SEIU 925 and SEIU 1199, WFSE made very strong economic proposals for across the board wage increases and improvements to transportation and vacation. WFSE also made a number of classification specific pay range increase proposals for classifications that are compensated significantly below market.

A number of contracting out notifications have been received and are currently out for review by members.

July 2018

There were three bargaining sessions in July. The Union and the University tentatively agreed agreed to improve or maintain our contract language on Employee Rights, the Grievance Procedure, Seniority, Layoff, and Rehire, Shared Leave, and Military Leave. The UW is making objectionable proposals and/or pushing back against proposed union improvements related to Overtime, Reasonable Accommodation, Holiday Pay, Inclement Weather, Bereavement Leave, and jurisdictions of WFSE Council Stewards. The University is also proposing to make it easier to contract out work to avoid overtime.

A number of contracting out notifications have been received and are currently out for review by members.

June 2018

There were three bargaining sessions in June. The first session established ground rules and resulted in the resolution of release denials for bargaining team members. The team presented very strong non-economic proposal and will be bargaining over economic issues starting in July. The team reached agreement with the Employer on improved language for emergency family care, adding elder care in addition to child care. The Employer's initial proposals included attacks on overtime, take-aways regarding some types of earned leave, and attacks against the protections against contracting out of bargaining unit work and the replacement of permanent union jobs with temporary or fixed duration positions. There are three more sessions scheduled for late July.

The union received notification that 9-month cyclic employees will have benefit deductions taken from the 10/25/18 paycheck instead of the 6/25 paycheck.  The notice is currently out for review by members. Please contact your steward if you have any questions.

A number of contracting out notifications have been received and are currently out for review by members.

May 2018

Bargaining team members participated in a coalition bargaining training in early May and met in late May to review proposed contract language and to discuss bargaining ground rules.

A number of contracting out notifications have been received and are currently out for review by members.

The union has been notified about additional certifications required for employees who work on the University’s fire alarm systems. The University will pay for the costs of the additional training and testing. The notification is out for review by members.

The program series memorandum of understanding from the current contract has been updated to include additional titles for scheduled increases: 

The Union has designated representatives for the joint WFSE/SEIU925 Scholarship Committee. Please contact Cassie Corrall at UW Medical Center and Eden Michael at Harborview Medical Center for more information on the scholarship for medical center employees.


University of Washington Main Campus:  The bargaining team met in late April to vet proposals and review proposed contract language. The university agreed to coalition bargain economic items with SEIU 925, SEIU 1199 and WFSE 1488. Scheduling is in process.

The union met with the university on a demand to bargain concerning the bed reallocation project at UWMC. The reallocation, which will be implemented in phases throughout the spring, will result in a better match of the availability of beds to each patient population. WFSE members, including PCTs and supply technicians are not expected to see changes in work duties and there is no expectation of any new training. However, some floors will be busier than before. HR agreed to follow up with direct supervisors to make sure members will be a notified of changes in a timely manner and that there will be discussions on when inventory will be moved and other logistics. Management also informed the union that there will new monitors in patient rooms to assist PCTs in monitoring their patients.

The union met with HR on the contracting out of summer dormitory cleaning at Bothell Campus. Please contact steward Todd Woodcock if you have questions about this demand to bargain.

Scheduling is in process for a housing and food services JLM to discuss a number of contracting out notices for the summer and other topics. 

Sick leave language in the current contract has been updated to reflect the new state law on paid sick leave.


Bargaining training was held March 20th and 21st and proposal vetting was held March 29th and 30th. The team will meet again at the end of April to review proposal language.

A DTB was filed on the implementation of new timeclocks.


Demand to bargain notices have been filed on the contracting out cleaning at the Bothell campus, UWMC bed re-allocation project, and to update the sick leave article due to changes to state law, per Article 54, Subordination of Agreement and Saving Clause. Bargaining training has been scheduled for March 20th and 21st and proposal vetting is scheduled for March 29th and 30th.