Mandy Roberts-Amo is a teacher’s assistant at an elementary school in upstate New York, where she helps a legally blind child get through his day. His name is Jonathan. To Mandy, helping Jonathan learn and improve is more than a job, it’s a calling. And that’s in part because to her Jonathan is more than a student.

On Sept. 11, 2001, we as a nation faced a tragedy unique in our history.

Big victory for six UW painters who defended there work and split a $25,000 settlement

Remember the six painters at the University of Washington who defended their work after discovering their work had been assigned to others?

Not only did they use their 100% Union power to win, this month they're splitting a $25,000 settlement.

Speaking truth to power at King County Council

Local 1488’s Marcie Serafica, swing shift custodian at Haborview Medical Center in Seattle, on Wednesday (Oct. 4) urged the King County Council to continue to hold the University of Washington’s feet to the fire on how the region’s leading trauma center treats employees.

King County owns Harborview, but contracts with the UW to run it.

Big 100% Union contract win for UW Police Management

Four University of Washington Police Department members won their challenge and will split hundreds of dollars in differential pay.

The four Local 1488 members will split $791.67 that upholds their contract rights to maintain a 15 percent pay differential over the officers they supervise.

The WFSE/AFSCME UW Police Management Bargaining Unit and contract covers sergeants and lieutenants on the campus police department.